Calling all Benefactors and Angel Investors

As many of you know, we create the Velvet Vapor healing and clearing spray. While we’ve been seeing some good success with this wonderful spray, we’ve decided to expand our production by several factors. We’ve received some very positive responses from a few magazines, such as Pyramid Catalog, along with a couple of the local health food stores. In that regard, we are looking for anyone interested in either investing in, or donating to, our product.

For those that want to donate anything under $500, you can use the Donate button on the right side of the website here. Anyone who wants to donate more than that, please send an email to

Those of you who would like to invest, we are looking for a minimum investment of $5,000 with a maximum of $50,000. At this time, we are planning on a 10% return on your investment, after 8 months. As with any investment, results are not guaranteed, but we are very confident in our product. To find out more information and to set up an investment, please send an email to

This is your opportunity to help others receive the benefits of the Velvet Vapor spray, and to help a growing small business.

Deep appreciation, gratitude and thanks to you all. =)

Ross – “Tolemac”