Become a Benefactor or an Investor

Hello everyone!

I am currently looking for a Benefactor or an Investor to help me get my products out to a wider audience, and expand production. In particular, I am concentrating on my Conscious Energy Meditation guidebook, my Conscious Energy Healing service and my Velvet Vapor Healing & Protection spray. I am requesting $15,000. If you choose to donate this amount as a Benefactor, I will give you 10 one hour Healing sessions, a complete copy of my meditation guidebook, and 5 bottles of the Velvet Vapor spray as my gratitude gift to you, which is worth $1050. If you choose to invest this amount, I am projecting a 15% return on your investment within 6 to 8 months, giving you back $17,250. I am happy to answer all questions regarding this endeavor, and I thank you all for your consideration. Please contact me at Tolemac. =)

Bright Blessings,

Ross “Tolemac”