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Are you done with being tired? Are you through with being sick? Are you ready to regain your health, vitality, mental clarity, prosperity and your sense of self and purpose?

Then I invite you to experience the profound changes that can occur when you give yourself the gift of healing. Through a Conscious Energy HealingSM, I will help you to begin to release all of the unwanted and stuck energy and emotions that have been keeping you from receiving and achieving all that you want in this life.

Let the Conscious Energy HealingSM begin…

This is a non-invasive (no physical contact) method of healing that is perfectly safe. The results are very grounded and centered, giving you a new found sense of self, general well being and inner peace. Along with the energy healing, I’ll be giving you highly specific tools to help you maintain your center and personal energy.

I have been doing Conscious Energy HealingSM work for clients since 1991. I work with everyone no matter what age and I also work with animals. Sessions are done both in person here in Santa Fe, NM and long distance over the phone, Google Meet or by Skype.

Healing sessions are $100 an hour with an hour and a half minimum per session.  Payment is due directly after each session. Payments can be made by check or cash for an in-person appointment, and by PayPal or Venmo for a long distance session. International clients must use Paypal. 

Give yourself the Gift of Healing!

To schedule an appointment or if you’d like more information, please send an email to me at Conscious Energy Healing

Special Announcement!

I have added EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as one of the healing modalities along with my Conscious Energy Healing.
I have been using EFT for myself and some of my clients for a few years now, and have found it to be a wonderful addition to the energy work. You can ask for EFT to be included in your session at no extra charge, or you can set up a session for just EFT and the same rates will apply. I look forward to using this wonderful process with you. =)

**Special Healing Packages**


The Magic 7 Package!

Do you need to make a radical shift in your energy and life? Then this package is for you! It consists of 7 one hour healing sessions, scheduled once per day, for 7 days.

Regular price: $700 – Special Package price: $650  You save $50!
To order, send an email to Magic 7


The 5 week Miracle Healing package!

This is a great package for anyone who wants to work on one specific area of their life and make the changes they’ve always wanted. This package consists of 10 one hour sessions. Each hour session will be scheduled twice a week for 5 weeks.

Regular price: $1,000 – Special Package price: $900  You save $100!
To order, send an email to Miracle Healing


The Family Healing package!

This is the most comprehensive healing package that I currently offer. When you choose this package, you’ll receive 150 one hour healing sessions. Each hour session will be scheduled 3 times a week for 50 weeks. This is perfect for those who want to get their entire family involved in this healing process.

Regular price: $15,000 – Special Package price: $13,500  You save $1,500!
To order, send an email to Family Healing


“My work with Ross has been remarkable and life changing. His healing technique is the most efficient and liberating I have ever experienced. It gets to the root of the issue very quickly, and the results are immediate. I was able to reclaim my own energy and find new strength, direction and purpose in my life. Years ago, when my young son was hyperactive and miserable and I was at my wits end, it only took one healing with Ross for him to learn about his own energy and how to be grounded. He has continued his healing and it has truly helped him meet life’s challenges in a much more powerful and successful way…” – Carol W. Santa Fe, NM

“The thing I noticed when I first had a session with Ross was that I could feel that I was back in my body. This felt both great and uncomfortable. I say uncomfortable because I had gotten pretty heavy over the years, from stress and not eating right, and I say great because it was such a good feeling inside myself to feel like I was back in control of me. During the next year with regular monthly sessions, I let go of over 100 pounds, and now feel even better being in my body… ” – Myrna C. San Diego, Ca.

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