Advanced Grounding Techniques – Part 3

Hello everyone. Today I am bringing you an advanced technique that I’ve been using with my Conscious Energy Healing clients for a few months now. When the information for this technique first came to me, it was yet another “of course” moment, wherein I knew this was going to be another powerful process in helping you to not only increase your grounding and centering, but also one that will help you to feel better and have a clearer sense of self as well. I do this process after setting myself into the center of my head, and before I set my grounding on release.

The Technique

Visualize your heart chakra. See a space there and see a beautiful, large overstuffed chair. Now see your soul sitting in that chair. Standing in front of your soul is your inner child. See your soul pick up your inner child and place them on your soul’s lap. Your soul is hugging them, loving them. Letting them know that they are loved, and cared for, and appreciated. Your soul is telling your little girl or boy that they are safe. That they are guided and protected. That they are okay, and have never done anything wrong. That they are allowed to have and to do and to be whatever they want to have and do and be.

This heart centered connection of our inner child and our soul is very powerful. We all want comfort, peace and relief. In using this process, along with the rest of the grounding, you will achieve that every day.

Bright Blessings to you all. =)

Ross – Tolemac

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