About Me


Welcome to my Healing and Metaphysical website. Currently, I’m living in Santa Fe, NM where I run two full time businesses. I perform Conscious Energy Healings, and I also do computer upgrades. At first, they may seem to be at opposite ends from each other, one based in technology, and the other based in the esoteric and spiritual realms, but the reality is that I use my talents and abilities to “heal” both computers and people. In my mind, there is not much difference between the two. Both run on “energy”, both have “hardware” and “software”, and both require careful attention and “healing” when something goes awry.  I do what I can to take care of those problems when they come up. On occasion, they can both be very resistant, but in the end the healing gets accomplished.

My metaphysical/spiritual journey began when I came into this life. From the time I started to speak, I was able to tell my parents what they were thinking about. Not all of the time, but often enough to cause them to be concerned. While growing up and dealing with people outside of my family, I found that I was a natural “helper”. If you needed anything done, or help with a project, I was the one to ask. I was always more than willing to help others. This evolved into not just helping with work things, but with emotional upsets and problems that people had. In both Junior High and High School, I had the biggest “crying shoulder” going. Unfortunately, because I wasn’t trained yet, I took on a lot of unwanted and nasty energy which in turn caused me a whole ton of my own problems. I had already started studying metaphysics intensely by the time I turned 15, but I didn’t have a teacher or guide to show me how to properly protect myself and release this garbage energy.

After a four year stint in the Air Force as a Fire Fighter, I came back home and really dug into esoteric studies. Each step and person along the way helped me to hone my psychic skills and always led me to the next thing that I needed. This included Wiccan, Native American spirituality, ceremonial magic and many other esoteric teachings. The two most powerful events and breakthroughs in my spiritual quest were meeting Stuart Wilde and attending his lectures, then training seminars and then working as staff with him; and then discovering and training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute where I completed their meditation and healing programs.

Through those extremely intense trainings, I was able to tap much more fully into my psychic abilities and help others to heal themselves without any of the low vibration energy attaching itself to me as it had done in the past. Because of this, my life turned around completely on many levels. I now help and train others both here in Santa Fe, and around the world, to use the many tools that I have learned so that they too can maintain their own energy without interference.


The symbol that I use is from the Tolemac intensive trainings that I did with Stuart Wilde. Someone I am honored to call my friend, as well as mentor and teacher. The symbol is the Sun and the Moon representing the yin-yang balance and it is also the symbol of the spirit rising out of the crown chakra representing transcendence and enlightenment. The lines flowing down represent the aura and etheric body that is empowered and activated by discipline, perception and love.

Thanks for reading this. If you have any comments or questions, you can reach me by email at Tolemac  

Brightest Blessings to you all!