Personalized Affirmations just for you!

One of the main requests that I’ve received from my healing clients over the last 20 years, is that I create for them individualized and personalized affirmations that they can use for themselves, anytime and anywhere. Because I’ve seen an increase in demand for this kind of tool, I am now offering everyone the opportunity to get their very own set of Personalized Affirmations.

For those of you asking “What are ‘affirmations’, anyway?”, here’s your answer. The dictionary says that an ‘affirmation’ is the act of affirming something in a positive way or that is positive in nature. It means to validate or confirm or to state positively. It is an assertion that something is true or that it exists. In regards to the way these affirmations that I am offering are being used, you use them to create a positive statement about yourself that you either want to re-enforce, or that you want to bring about in your life. As an example, if you have just gotten over an illness and are in recovery, a good affirmation of re-enforcement would be along the lines of “Every day, I am healthier and healthier. My body is healing itself wonderfully”.

When you are wanting to bring something about in your life that is not already there in some form, such as the recovery example above, you can still use affirmations to begin to change your thinking habits from one of negativity, to positivity. Our thoughts control what our lives become and using affirmations is a great tool to give you the positive thinking and focus that you need to bring about whatever condition you want. Each of the Personalized Affirmations that I create for you will be a positive statement, set in present time, so that you will be focusing on the here and now, and setting up your thinking with positive energy and emotion. These are key to helping you achieve whatever you desire.

Now that you are ready to take your meditations to a whole new level, and now that you are ready to manifest what you want clearer and faster, you are now ready to include Personalized Affirmations into your daily spiritual practices. Each Affirmation set is completely personalized and tailored just for you. Once you’ve given me your name and the subject you are interested in improving or manifesting in your life, I then create for you a specific set of 30 affirmations (per subject) that you can use in any way you choose. The first 10 are set up as First Person statements: “I, (your name), am now…”. The second 10 are set up as Second Person statements: “You, (your name), are now…”. The third 10 are set up as Third Person statements: “(your name) is now…”. In setting up your Personalized Affirmations in this way, you begin to engage more parts of your consciousness, and your subconsciousness, so that the affirmations take hold quicker. I then send you your affirmations on a PDF document.

I am also giving you the opportunity to really enhance your affirmations by including the option of purchasing them on downloadable MP3s, in the various styles listed below. Each MP3 is approximately 30 minutes in length. When you order any MP3 Style you will automatically receive the PDF document of your Personalized Affirmation set.

MP3 Styles:

  • The Basic Style – This is myself reading your set of Personalized Affirmations in a straightforward manner.
  • The Theta Style– This includes the Basic Style with the Theta Metronome as the background sound. This meditation tone takes you into a fairly deep Theta brainwave state. I recommend headphones for this one.
  • The Isochronic Style 1 – This includes the Basic Style and has an Isochronic Beat playing in the background set at the high Theta Brainwave pattern of 6Hz. This meditation tone takes you into a lighter meditative state. With Isochronic Tones, you don’t need headphones, but I recommend them for this style.
  • The Isochronic Style 2 – This includes the Basic Style and has an Isochronic Beat playing in the background set at the low Theta Brainwave pattern of 4Hz. Like the Theta Metronome, this style will take you into a deep meditative state. Again, you don’t need headphones, but I recommend them for this style.
  • The Isochronic Style 3 – This includes the Basic Style and has an Isochronic Beat playing in the background set at the high Delta Brainwave pattern of 3.5Hz. This style is excellent if you are looking for something to listen to just before, or even during sleep. Unless you have specific ear buds that you can wear while sleeping, headphones in this case are not recommended.
  • Hawaiian Style – For this style, you choose any of the above Styles and I will layer the sounds of ocean waves over the top of them, so that the waves are all you hear. This style is perfect for anyone who has any difficulties hearing the various beats out loud. Headphones are recommended unless you choose the Isochronic 3 Delta brainwave style.
  • Prices:

    Basic PDF document – $15.00

    Basic Style MP3 – $20.00

    Theta Style MP3 – $25.00

    Isochronic Style 1 MP3 – $25.00

    Isochronic Style 2 MP3 – $25.00

    Isochronic Style 3 MP3 – $25.00

    Hawaiian Style MP3 – $35.00

    After you have ordered your Personalized Affirmation set(s), please include your name, email address and the subject of each set you have purchased in the “Add special instructions to merchant” box found on the Paypal payment screen. Because these are personalized and specially created affirmation sets, you can expect them to arrive in your email approximately 3 to 4 business days after ordering. To read the PDF document, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t already have this free software, you can get the latest version here: Adobe Reader
    If you have any questions, simply send an email to Personalized Affirmations and I’ll be happy to answer them.

    Thank you & Bright Blessings! =)

    Ross – “Tolemac”

    **Special Bonus!**

    For anyone who orders the Theta Style, Isochronic 1, 2 or 3 Style, or the Hawaiian Style MP3s, I will also give you my latest updated version of the 30 minute “Declaration of Financial Independence” Theta Metronome meditation. With this updated version, I have completely enhanced the Theta Metronome sound and restructured some of the wording to give you an even better meditation experience. This is a $25.00 value that I am giving you as a special thank you for ordering from me. =)

    *Disclaimer: DO NOT USE ANY OF THE MP3s while driving or operating heavy equipment, or at any time you need to be fully awake and aware of your surroundings. These are designed to put you into a relaxed state, and you should only listen to them when you are able to be in that state safely and comfortably. The information presented here is not intended to cure, diagnose, or prescribe treatment and is not intended to replace proper medical care. The information given is for educational purposes only to help in becoming better informed about building and maintaining wellness and in helping your body to normalize itself. It is wise to consult a Licensed Health Practitioner before starting any health improving program. Your use of the information available, or any items, is your own responsibility and at your own risk. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read.

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