“My work with Ross has been remarkable and life changing. His healing technique is the most efficient and liberating I have ever experienced. It gets to the root of the issue very quickly, and the results are immediate. I was able to reclaim my own energy and find new strength, direction and purpose in my life. Manifesting my desires became so much easier and focused. Emotional and stress relief has been stunning.
Years ago, when my young son was hyperactive and miserable and I was at my wits end, it only took one healing with Ross for him to learn about his own energy and how to be grounded. He has continued his healing and it has truly helped him meet life’s challenges in a much more powerful and successful way. Not to mention calm and focused. He went on to get his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and became an accomplished musician playing bass and drums. The “magic” of these healings is in getting gentle release of the past pains and patterns, being able to ground in present time and have access to your power, grace and wisdom without struggle. I highly recommend Ross to everyone of any age for any issue. The benefits are great!”
– Carol W. Santa Fe, NM.

“The thing I noticed when I first had a session with Ross was that I could feel that I was back in my body. This felt both great and uncomfortable. I say uncomfortable because I had gotten pretty heavy over the years, from stress and not eating right, and I say great because it was such a good feeling inside myself to feel like I was back in control of me. During the next year with regular monthly sessions, I let go of over 100 pounds, and now feel even better being in my body. His way of dealing with any situation in total non-judgement helped me release old habits and beliefs that were no longer valid in my life. I’ve recommended him to everyone I know.” – Myrna C. San Diego, Ca.

“Rossʼ gifts and abilities are not easily explainable to most people. There is a natural skepticism when one “stumbles” into this field. My daughter suggested several times that I set up a session with Ross. When I hesitated, she arranged and prepaid so I could not refuse a gift. Because of her belief that this would be of benefit with some of the challenges I was facing, I approached the session with as open a mind as I could, given my unfamiliarity with psychic healing. The results were profound.
After one particular healing session regarding a terrifically devastating issue, there was a complete turnaround within 24 hours. Just recalling the situation now, and how it “healed”, still evokes a feeling of amazement and gratitude.
Ross is a winsome, loving and gifted practitioner. Working through challenges with him is highly enjoyable and astonishingly effective.” – M M. Seattle, Wa.

“I have worked with Ross consistently for over a year and a half. Though I initially had minimal understanding of psychic healing, it was very easy to begin, as Ross has a way of making a person feel at ease right away.
The techniques I have learned from him have proven invaluable and have been incorporated into my daily routine. As a result, and to my delight, many of my dreams and goals have manifested during this process.
Ross has a wealth of knowledge and a huge heart. I am grateful to have found such a caring, gifted, and supportive mentor.” Lisanna G. Milan, Italy