108 Belly Massage – Fast and Easy Centering Technique

Sometimes, the most profound techniques are the simplest to do and to use. The 108 Belly Massage is a definite case in point. This method was taught to us by our main acupuncturist and Shen Master, Dr. Harijot Singh Khalsa. It is quick, easy and can basically be done anywhere, at any time if you have just a few minutes to yourself.

With your dominant hand, you place your palm flat on your belly just below your solar plexis. Now, in a circular fashion, move your hand to the left side of your belly, but not fully to the side of your body, then down below your navel point, just above your groin, and then come up the right side of your belly and complete the circle back at the starting point completely circling around your belly button. You do not have to apply much pressure at all, simply push in with your hand slightly.

You do this circular belly massage 108 times. That may sound like a lot, but in fact it really does only take just a couple of minutes to complete, depending on how fast you’re going. The idea here is not to do it too fast and not to do it too slow. You’ll find the pace that is right for you once you’ve done it a couple of times.

Ok, so what does this do, and why 108 times? This technique helps to bring in and focus your body energy. By doing this especially right before you get out of bed in the morning, you are strengthening and balancing your bodies energy before any outside energy of the day can intrude. Along with grounding and being in the center of your head, this will give you much needed strength, stamina and balance as you go to meet the demands of the day. Feeling a little run down and a lack of energy? Do this belly massage and feel your energy return to you right away. It also helps to calm you and bring you to a state of peace because of the centering effect it has.

The idea behind doing this 108 times goes back to ancient Sanskrit times. It is considered a very sacred number. There are many examples of the number 108 being used for meditation, chanting and repetitions of various yogic exercises. In the Sanskrit alphabet, there are 54 letters and each has a masculine and feminine perspective, which gives us 108. The Sun’s diameter is 108 times bigger than Earth’s diameter. There are 108 different stages the human soul passes through on it’s way to enlightenment. In astrology, there are 9 planets and 12 houses (9×12=108). There are 108 lines of energy, or nadis, that radiate from the human heart, etc.

As you can see, the number 108 is quite prevalent in many areas of our world. By doing this massage 108 times, you are aligning with the vibration of that number and bringing in it’s energy to you. It is part of my daily meditation routine, and considering how easy it is to do, you will do well to add it to yours also. I know you will find it to be a wonderful addition to your spiritual practice.

Deep Peace,