The Neutrality Of The Law Of Attraction

We all know how powerful the Law of Attraction is and we’ve either seen, heard or had our own experiences of it in wonderful, positive ways. What I want to do here is give you an example of how NOT to use the Law of Attraction, and to show you in no uncertain terms, that the Universal Law of Attraction is completely neutral. From what I have read and heard from many people, it seems to me that the predominant thought is that the Law is “good” by nature, and that by using it, only “good” can come from it.

While you can indeed bring positive things, people, events, etc. into your life, you can also bring in disaster just as easily. In fact, even more easily, for we are all trained to be in fear and to believe the “worst” will happen, instead of focusing on the “best” happening.

The incident I’m about to relate happened to me, so I know whereof I speak. I also know all too well just how fast the Universe can respond! Whether it’s positive intention and vibes you are putting out or negative ones, the Universe does not care. It simply responds to the energy of your intention.

My first true experience of this type of intending was done in a very negative fashion. I had gone to the Star Trek convention at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. When I got there, I saw that the parking was $5! This was in 1985, and that was a lot of money to shell out just for parking! So, I got mad (read: afraid) and said screw that, I’ll park on the street. So I went around to the main street behind the hotel, parked my car, got out and popped 2 quarters into the meter. Just as I was about to turn the corner to go into the hotel parking lot and to the convention entrance, I said to myself (in full arrogant voice) “I dare anyone to break into my car! Grrr!@$%!!”

I then went and enjoyed myself at the convention. When I went back to my car two hours later to put in a couple more quarters, you guessed it, the car had been broken into, and everything stolen. I was stunned. I thought I had put up a protection around it, but no. That was an illusion. I had put my fear around it and instead of protecting it, I manifested getting robbed.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson right then and there! This is also when I realized the Universe is not picky about what it sends. It doesn’t choose, it merely reflects our energy back to us. The more intense the energy, the faster it reflects it back.

In the movie “The Secret”, Joe Vitale called the Law of Attraction a catalog that you placed your order with. Years ago, my friend Stuart Wilde said think of it as a great storehouse with everything in it, and it’s just waiting for your order. When he said “everything” he meant EVERYTHING! Everything and anything you can think of is availble to us. Any object, experience, person, all of it. Your choice. You decide, and it’s delivered.

Obviously, on that day, I had chosen to have the Universe show me what attracting fear and arrogance will get me. I lost my guitar and amplifier, a 24″ master recording tape my friends and I had just finished recording, (those were in the trunk) the car stereo, and everything out of the glove box. It was devastating at the time, and it took a couple days of introspection to sort it all out. Once I did, it felt even worse, because I knew that I had brought it about.

So you see, the Law of Attraction is completely neutral. “It” doesn’t care. “It” is simply our energy reflected back to us. If you put out positive energy, that is strongly intended, you’ll receive positive energy and very quickly. If you put out positive energy, but your intention is weak or wishy-washy, then you’ll get a weak result. You would not believe how fierce I was that day, internally shouting at the world. That is another lesson I learned. If you are powerful in your intent, it’ll show up quicker. You decide what you want and how quickly you want it.

Another thing to remember is that you have to be specific! The Law is neutral, and it doesn’t read minds. You have to tell it exactly what you want. Stuart used to say, “If you just say you want new shoes, you’ll end up with size 18 pink and yellow clown shoes with fuschia polkadots!” Remember, specific is terrific. Don’t be vague about what you want. Write it down, read it over, change it as needed, edit it so that it’s WHAT YOU WANT! Now, you can project that image with strong intent out into the energy of the universe, and it will respond.

The Universe and the Law of Attraction are neither “good” or “bad”. They simply are. In being neutral, they allow us to evolve as we decide. So, when things are not showing up as you want them to, look at the level of your intention. Look at the level of how specific you were in what you want. Do not berate yourself for it not happening as you first envisioned, but instead, forgive yourself and adjust your energy and vision accordingly. The more you do this, and do it from the same neutrality that the Universe shows us, the better you’ll get at it.

Deep Peace to you all,


  • All I can say is excellent post! Well written and clear with poignant examples from your Trekkie past!

    Just wondering what types of interactions you attracted INSIDE the convention? Any Picard? Mr. Spock? Data? Borg?

    LOA is a lot like Captain Picard. “Make it so!” and so it is.

    Seriously, I think your post says it like it is with no fluff to confuse the matter. Too much fluff around the LoA lately!

    iN Joy!


    Amy Flynn ~ @allaboutenergy’s last blog post..History Was Made with the Inauguration of the 44th President

  • Hi Amy! Thanks for coming by. I don’t recall meeting anyone special that day at the convention. I left after the “incident” and went home. Much too distraught to go back inside and “enjoy” myself. Also, this was in ’85, so there wasn’t any Picard, or Data or borg just yet. That show started in ’87.

    I agree with you that there is a trend of “fluff” as you so eloquently put it, around most New Age thought and the LOA in particular. I’m not into that. I like my metaphysics to be straightforward, and as Stuart used to say, “On the hurry-up”. No need to muck around with “fluff” and non-sense. I’m all for cutting to the chase and let’s get it going as smooth and easy as possible.

    Thank you for your very kind words. I appreciate your input.


  • Ferg

    Well sure bro, so like you’re saying, if I own the bar, I still need to have the intention that it will be a great bar… not have the fear that its going to go bust or attract the Hells Ghouls and the Chainsaw Triplets. Totally true!! I always have to catch myself with that tendency to project a negative outcome. Its part of some primal survival mechanism or maybe its what Stuie says… thought forms from extreme negativity polluting your intentions and brain. For sure. Picture the Perfect Parking spot dude!!!

  • Hi Ferg,

    Indeed, we have to keep the intention clear and positive. The trick is to forgive yourself when any negativity comes up. Look at what is causing the fear to rise up, forgive yourself and let it go, knowing that you are much more powerful than your ego gives you credit for.
    As you say, it is part of that primal survival mechanism, and it’s part of the fear programming we all receive as children, and it’s part of the extreme negativity that is projected on us by others, especially if you watch the “news”.

    By noticing what you are feeling and projecting, you can change it instantly. By being neutral to it all, you transcend the lower energy vibe because you are no longer identifying with it. This is what begins to set you free.


  • Ferg

    Hot diggity dog!!

  • Kim

    More, more, more. There’s so much confusion about The Secret and The Law of Attraction. Great to see some clarity and wisdom here, loved the getting of wisdom stories!

  • Hello Kim!

    Thanks for your comments. I will indeed be posting more that will help us all achieve greater clarity and insight into all things metaphysical.

    Bright Blessings to you.


  • Doug

    Thanks ToleMac, great blog you have here! You’ve reminded me of a few things I’d forgotten, and taught a bunch more in the process.



  • You’re very welcome Doug. Reminding others of what they already know seems to be one of the running themes with this blog. To quote Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man, “One is glad to be of service”. =)