Azure Salver

Last Friday, Spirit Voyage Records ( ) gave out as their Free Friday music download a wonderful song from Snatam Kaur called Azure Salver. I became entranced with the song, and decided to use it for my very first YouTube video excursion. I hope you enjoy it. =)

Azure Salver

The sky is the azure salver,
The sun and moon thy lamps,
The stars are thy scattered pearls,
The sandal forests thy incense,
And the breeze is thy fan.

These, along with the flowers of vegetation,
Are laid as offerings at thy feet.
What other worship can be compared
To natures own festival of lights,
Divine music resounds within, within, within.

Thousand are thine eyes, and yet thou hast no eyes;
Thousand are thy forms, and yet thou hast no form;
Thousand are thy lotus feet, and yet thou hast no feet;
Thousand are thy noses to smell, and yet thou hast no nose.
I am enchanted with thy play.

It is thy light, which lives in every heart,
And thy light, which illumines every soul.

Illuminating every soul.
It is thy light, which is illuminating every soul,
Illuminating every soul, every soul.
So remember the name of that one who is illuminating.
Nanak says remember the name of that one,
Who is illuminating, illuminating, illuminating every soul.
Every soul.

Every soul is illuminated by that one.

Every soul.

Bright Blessings! =)

Ross – “Tolemac”