What is Your Statement of Positivity?

So, what is a Positivity statement? First off, this is another tool that you can use to maintain a more positive outlook, emotion and energy, in your life. Typically, a Statement of Positivity starts with “I always…” followed by your positive statement about something that tends to happen more often than not. They can be about almost any subject or situation. Some of the ones I’ve heard over the years have been, “I always do good on math tests”, and “I always have the best time when I go to so-and-so’s house”, and “I always feel wonderful when I’m at the beach” and one of my personal ones, “I always feel amazing when I work with my healing clients”. Sometimes, a positivity statement can start with “I never…”, such as “I never get sick”, or “I never let minor irritations bother me”.

“I always walk in beauty and peace when I am in the woods”

Most everyone has at least one of these statements of positivity that they say on a regular basis. While some may not feel like they do because they don’t normally say it out loud, if you check how you feel about going to places that you enjoy, or seeing people that you love and respond to, you’ll find the mental inner talk that is saying these statements. Your mom says, “We’re going to Grandma’s on Sunday”, and you get excited and happy. You know you are going to have a good time. Why? Because you almost always have a good time when you’re at your Grandma’s house.

This is an expected outcome. You expect to feel good, be treated well and have a fun time. Because this is what you expect to happen, you send out positive waves of energy and emotion and those waves are reflected back to you and you receive them in the form of that good time at Grandma’s. You’ve just created your reality the way you wanted it to be, and you didn’t have to work at it, or think hard about it, or struggle emotionally with it. You had a thought, you then had a positive and good feeling about the thought, and you then set up the vibration based on your energy and emotion and so it was.

“I always feel an infinite connection when I meditate”

As you can see, this can become an extremely powerful tool that you can use to create your life to be as fun, loving and amazing as you want. You can also use this to reverse any negative statements that you’ve been making about your life. Instead of saying things like, “I never catch a break”, you can look back on your life, and see the times when you did indeed catch a break, and so you can modify the negative statement to a positive one by saying something like, “You know, sometimes I do catch a break, and I’m grateful for that.”

Whenever you look at anything that is a positive or a good feeling aspect of your life, you are immediately giving that aspect more energy and “life force” than the negative aspect. Remember, what you focus on, becomes your reality. The more strong emotion you have about what you’re focusing on, the faster it becomes your reality. Look at how good you feel when you say, or think, one of your statements of positivity. You not only feel good, but you also feel more confident and secure, because of your positive expectation. What this confidence and secure feelings do is calm your ego down, so that it doesn’t feel threatened. This means that the more positive statements you can say to yourself and about yourself, the more you are in spiritual and emotional control of your life.

“I always enjoy playing my guitar, for myself and others”

Have fun with this new tool, and see how easy it is for you to create new statements of positivity about all the different aspects of your life. They become very powerful affirmations that you can use at any time to help you shift your focus, reset your energy and feel better and better about you. Remember to make sure your statement is in present time, and that the words you use are powerful and meaningful to you, and help you to feel better. =)

Bright Blessings,

Ross – “Tolemac”