The Misperception of Energy

I just recently read a specific post on another site that I want to talk about. I’ve changed it a bit, and won’t name the person whose post it is, as the concept is practically universal, and I’d like to address that. Here’s the post:

“Enhance your energy. Everything is energy, Money is energy. Big money equals big energy.”

I see this type of thought posted everywhere, and felt it was time for me to really get into what this is saying, what it really means, how it effects us and what we need to change in our perceptions and thought to let go of this type of “limited thinking”.

Ok, I can hear you now saying “That doesn’t sound limited to me” and that’s exactly why I’m going to break this down and explain myself here. Just to be clear, the only thing I am going to really dissect, is the last statement. My idea is to bring some clarity to this kind of thinking.

“Everything is energy”. Indeed it is. That is a scientifically, physically and spiritually proven fact of this existence. If everyone simply acknowledged and stayed with that concept, then there would be fewer problems. However, we tend to modify simple concepts and make them into things that they are not and they end up being montrosities that we can’t deal with, or go beyond.

“Money is energy”. Again, spot on. If everything is energy, then indeed that would include money as well. Now here’s where it gets sticky. “Big money equals big energy”. This is a great example of what I said above about our tendency to modify concepts. I’m going to tell you something now and I want you to hear me when I say this to you. Ready? Here it is:

Energy is energy is energy is energy.

It is what it is. You cannot make the energy bigger or smaller. You can add more of a type of energy to produce bigger results, and you can reduce a type of energy to get smaller results, but the base energy is the same. Always. Let me give you an example. If you take the energy of dynamite, its base energy is what it is. You cannot make its energy bigger. You can, however, create a bigger explosion by adding more of dynamites base energy together. Let’s say that if one stick of TNT has a base energy of 10, by adding ten more sticks, you’ve increased the potential result of the explosion, but you still only have a base energy of 10. Just in this example, 10 times 10 base energy, which will definitely create a bigger bang, but you are not making the base energy bigger.

The same is true with money. If one dollar has a base energy of 1, then a million dollars still only has a base energy of 1 but now it’s times 1,000,000. Here’s what I’m saying. If you can create one dollar, it doesn’t take any more “energy” to create a million dollars. It’s the same energy. Exactly the same. We, on the other hand, assign this incredible, mostly inconceivable amount of energy to any large sum of money, especially a million or more, and by doing so, make it near impossible for us to manifest it.

It’s us, not the “supposed energy” of the thing that makes it hard for us to give it to ourselves. We are the ones saying “Wow, a million dollars. That’s gotta be hard to create.” What a load of non-sense. In energy terms, it’s no harder than creating a dollar, or heck, even a penny. It’s all money energy, whether it’s a penny found on the sidewalk or several million dollars won in a lottery. It’s exactly the same. The ONLY difference is our perception of it.

Change your money perception Today. Now. This very moment. Think, see and feel how easy it is to manifest a penny or a dollar into your life. I mean really experience it. We’ve all been given a penny or a dollar, even five dollars and more at some point in our lives. Now close your eyes and remember that time. Remember what it felt like; how you raised your abundance, even with single penny in your hand. Now shift that thinking, seeing, feeling and BELIEVING to a thousand dollars… a hundred thousand dollars… five hundred thousand dollars… a million dollars.

You see? It’s easy. Only we ever make it hard. Only we, not the energy, puts limitations on it. It is only ever our fear that keeps us from having what we want. Release that old programming. Let it go and in it’s place, put in allowing. Put in permission. Put in forgiveness. Put in love.

Now you can create anything.

In my next post, I’m going to give you a tool that you can use to increase your inner abundance anywhere, at any time, for anything you want.


Ross – “Tolemac”