Welcome To The Second Level: Part 1

So, what do I mean when I say “Second Level”? In my view, we live in a dimension where we have to deal with “duality” in every aspect of our lives. Numerologically speaking, this duality is represented by the number two, hence the term “Second Level”.

Duality is the prime mover of this particular existence. Up or down, in or out, good or bad, male or female, etc. We are in a constant state of choice and choosing. This can, and does, lead some people into another state: Confusion. This is caused by one thing and one thing only. Asking questions. “What do I do?” “Which way should I go?” “How will this turn out?” So should we stop asking questions? Not at all. If we did that, nothing would get accomplished. Questions and questioning, for the most part, are necessary and valid to go through this life. Certain things require answers and if you don’t ask, you’ll never find out. That said, some things that we as humans question puts us immediately into the confused state. It’s not the questioning itself, as it is the actual question; where we are asking it from and how we ask it. 

Through my various metaphysical trainings and my work as a healer, I’ve found that there are two things (duality strikes again) that will help you to eliminate this confusion. Once you understand both of these concepts, you can live a more confusion-free life.

Stop Asking Questions

Again, I don’t mean you need to stop asking mundane, everyday informational questions (“What time is the meeting?”), but it will serve you greatly if you can stop asking “emotional” questions. These questions are almost always based in some form of fear, and because we “don’t know” the answer, we get confused, which leads to worry, which leads to fearfulness and even panic in extreme cases.  If you can clear your mind of the emotion around the questions and not ask them from an emotional base, but instead ask them from spirit, or your higher consciousness, you’ll be surprised at how easily the answers actually come to you. By pulling the emotion out of the question, you are eliminating the possibility of fear overriding you and throwing you into confusion.

There Are Only Two Things That Are Going To Happen…

More Duality! One of the many lessons that my teacher, mentor, and friend Stuart Wilde taught me was that there are only “two things” that will ever happen in any situation, no matter what that situation is: It either will, or it won’t. At first blush, this sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people hear that, and go “Oh! I get it now.” Some people don’t require an explanation, while others will ask “What the hell does that mean?”

Here then is the explanation of what it all means. The basic statement is based on observed behaviour. No matter what or who is involved in any given situation, they/ it/ him/ her/ whatever, either “will” or they “will not”. She will either marry him, or not. They will either give you the job, or not. Again, on the emotional side of this, you have worry, and alot of fear. Thoughts like “Oh my God, I don’t know!” “How will they react?” “What will they do??” This worry causes a great deal of stress that is unnecessary. We spend an amazing amount of time in our lives “worrying”, especially about these types of questions.

One of the biggest games we humans play against ourselves is the “what if” game. People have literally driven themselves over the edge playing this one. It’s the idea of not knowing that causes such pain and anxiety. The thing is, we do know. The time spent worrying can most definitely be put to better use. So by stopping yourself when you feel the confusion coming on, getting grounded, and really thinking about it calmly and remembering that there are ony two things that can happen, you can now begin to release the need to worry about it. We can now step away from the “fear” of not knowing and look at each situation and instead of freaking out, we can prepare for either outcome. Once you’ve gotten it into your psyche that only two things can happen, the stress and the worry can be removed, and you’ll stay more grounded and centered.

So, the next time you feel yourself getting into a panic because you don’t know what’s going to happen in a given situation, just remember to ask the question from your spiritual center and not from your emotions, and to remember that it either will, or it won’t. 😉

In my next post, I want to talk with you more about duality. In particular, about the two main emotions of this life.

Till then, deep peace to you.