Law of Attraction – Methods and Techniques: Part 2

Seeing Is Believing

Of course, what I’m talking about here is using visualization as a tool to help you manifest what you want. You’ve written down what your desire is, you believe you can have it and you are giving yourself permission and allowing it into your reality. To give all of that an immense energetic boost, you plug into your natural ability to visualize the object or situation.

By going into any form of meditation that you choose and calming the mind chatter, you can very quickly bring into sharp focus in your minds eye exactly what you want. You can see it in great detail. You can hear the sounds it makes if it makes any. You can smell any scents that come from it. You can touch it, not only on a emotional feeling level, but on a physical one as well. Yes indeed, you can actually “touch” a visualization. Many people, myself included, have had the sensation while visualizing something strongly, that we were in actual physical contact with the thing being visualized.

One thing to be aware of when doing your visualization is to not get too caught up in fine details. In other words, don’t try to “micro manage” it down to the last molecule. You’ll make yourself nuts trying to get into that much detail, and you’ll have the feeling that it isn’t “right” or “correct”. That will most definitely cause a resistant energy inside you that will block what you want from coming. Yes, you want to be specific, but you don’t have to have a “perfect” picture to have it manifest. (I’ll be discussing “perfect pictures” in another post.)

Now that you have a good visual of the thing you want, place yourself with it. If it’s an object, see yourself holding it, if it’s small enough to hold, or next to it if it’s something big like a house or car. If it’s a situation, then see yourself being in that situation and interacting with it and anyone involved with it. In both instances, give yourself the idea of enjoying the feeling of being there, either with the object or situation. Feel gratitude that you have what you want in the visualization. If this seems akward to you, remember how you felt when you received something that you wanted. Remember how thankful and grateful you were for it and how it felt to have it in your reality. Now transfer that good feeling to the new thing in your minds eye.

Letting Go and Going With the Flow

Sit with this visualization for at least 5 minutes. When you are done, allow yourself to come back into a present state of mind and allow yourself to feel the peace and joy of the thing you want coming to you, and then go about whatever you are to do next, and let the object go. What I mean by that is if you keep the desire constantly in your mind, you’ll notice all the time that you don’t have it yet. One thing you want to avoid is over-thinking about what you want. This sets up more resistance inside your energy, because you want what you want, but it’s not here yet. By letting it go after you’ve visualized it, you are giving yourself permission to let the energy unfold naturally and you are allowing yourself to be at peace with the time it takes to receive it.

Stuart Wilde talks alot about yearning for, and leaning energetically into your desire and how that pushes what you want away from you and he’s absolutely correct. The more you reach for it from the place of “I don’t have this desire met yet”, the more it doesn’t show up. You have to be relaxed and calm about the timing of it showing up. Once you are in that place of peace and energetic relaxation about it, it’ll show up quicker than you thought it would. Also, the more you practice being neutral to “when” your desire shows up, the faster all of your desires show up. You can see this in your own experience by remembering when other desires showed up for you. How long did they take to manifest? You’ll find that the more relaxed you were about it, the less time it took, and the more you yearned and longed for and leaned into the desire, the longer it took.

“You really only have two choices. To feel worse or to feel better.” – Abraham

This goes back to my Second Level posts and the nature of duality that we deal with in this life. It is also a very true statement, but most people don’t realize that they are the ones who have the ability to decide how they feel at any given moment. No matter what happens, it’s your choice to decide to feel worse or better about it. The more you choose to feel better about it, the less resistance you place in your energy, the more what you want and desire comes to you. The wonderful thing about this is that you can change how you feel in an instant. It isn’t hard and doesn’t take any effort to do it either. You simply decide how you are going to feel and that’s how you will feel.

Now, did you feel any resistance to what you just read? I’ve had many people tell me that they can’t change how they feel “just like that”, and I ask them why not? The typical response is that it’s not easy. To that I say that’s because you have been practicing how hard it is instead of how easy it is. Then they say “that’s easier said than done” and I tell them no, it’s as easy as said as done. Remember, your words and your thoughts have power. If you say and decide you are going to feel better right here, right now in this present moment, then you will. It is ALWAYS your choice. The more you realize and understand that, the easier it is for you to change anything in your life you want to, including your emotions. The other thing to remember is that noone has the power to “make” you feel anything. Only you have that power. Decide to feel better in each situation, and you will not only achieve the desires you want, you will also greatly reduce any stress in your life.

More techniques to come in Part 3. Stay tuned in, tapped in and turned on. =)

Bright Blessings!

Ross – “Tolemac”

Balancing the Spiritual and the Physical: A Beginning Guide

One thing that I have found while working with my healing clients over the years, is the similarity of experiences that each of us goes through when we discover metaphysics and start looking at our own inner spirituality for the first time. Most people begin to feel like “reality” is slipping away. There’s a sensation of moving between worlds. Often times, people get completely ungrounded which in turn causes them to lose touch with their physical selves. Then comes the time when each persons “spiritual journey” or “reason for being” comes into focus, and the sensation can become very surreal.

Coping with fundamentals such as breathing and “remembering” our day-to-day necessities while balancing between these apparently divergent experiences until each of us can blend them together appears to be quite the accomplishment. One thing that I see occurring often is people tend to want to stay with the new, spiritual experience because of the feelings of lightness, oneness and rightness that are felt in that state. The “Everyday World” seems heavy, dull and much less important. I’ve watched people at times ignore even some of the most basic of necessities because of the “bliss” that they are feeling.

The Spiritual Path feels like walking amongst the clouds. You can allow yourself to be totally in awe of spirituality. And because of its alluring influence, it is easy to understand why we prefer to be there. Unfortunately, this can lead to disaster if you are not properly grounded. The two must be held in balance for anything to get accomplished and for us to progress on both paths.

The following are just a few methods that will help you to maintain your integrity and balance while fulfilling your goals, both mundane and spiritual:

Maintain Your Money.

My friend Stuart Wilde used to say, “You can meditate all day on top of the mountain, but you have to come down into the “market place” to interact with others to create wealth.” If you depend strictly on spirit to “do for you”, you tend to stop taking the required actions to produce income and sooner than later, the money’s gone. It’s like I used to tell people when I worked in the Casino business: “You can’t win if you don’t bet!” You simply have to put yourself in the places and situations where you can create the money you need, first of all to survive, and then second of all, to be able to continue having these wonderful spiritual experiences. Going to metaphysical sites, or seminars or getting the books you want require money, so make sure you have what you need and then get more so that you can get what you want as well.

The other reason for wanting to maintain your balance in the “market place” and with your money is that then you attract the people who can help you, and they will show up at the right place and time. It’s amazing how many people believe that since they’ve found their “path”, that the money they need will simply find them. While this does happen on occasion, it is definitely not the norm. That said you will find that it’s a lot easier to manifest what you need, as long as you maintain the actions required. This is, as we were taught at Berkeley Psychic Institute, known as a “Growth Period.” This means it will take lots of action, both mentally and spiritually, to remain focused and present. This leads right into the next method, which is…

Goal Setting.

As I just said, creating what we need and want requires action. Getting lost in the joy and oneness of our spiritual path, it’s easy to lose focus and to set aside the actions needed to accomplish our goals. You want to complete each action with as much positivity and willingness as possible. Richard Bach, in his beautiful novel “Illusions” said it this way. “The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work”. This is what I mean about being “willing”. You have to be willing to set your goals down. You have to be willing to change them as necessary. You have to be willing, most importantly of all, to follow them. Life seems to be a little (or a lot) on the rough and tumble side? Then ask “source energy” or the “God Force”, or (insert the ‘deity’ of your choice) to make it easier. Ask that your steps be made lighter.

My favorite phrase to use in situations like this is to say [Your Goal You Want Completed] “Quickly, Cleanly and Easily”. Now, you have to be awake and aware and open to the possibilities that “source” may bring to you. It may not look like what you envisioned at first, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just the thing you need to complete the goal. Allow it to be for your highest and best, and watch as the “infinite wisdom” sends you the answers you need.

Allow Yourself To Receive.

You have to be able to give to yourself. If you can’t allow yourself to have, or give to yourself freely, then that energy you are putting out will keep you from attracting anything you want. None of your goals will get finished or accomplished if you don’t feel you “deserve” the finished product. I have found many people have a misconception about spirituality and money. They think that money is not spiritual, and therefore they shun it and considered it beneath them. Well, if we lived in a society where money was not the means of exchange, then I might agree with them, however… Remember, that’s all money is. A means of energy exchange. My cash in exchange for your product or service. We need it to survive. We need it to thrive! It’s perfectly ok to give to yourself, and it’s perfectly ok to allow yourself to have ANYTHING YOU WANT! You have my, and the universes, permission on that. 😉

One of the best ways I’ve found to help people with receiving issues is for them to give to others. By giving to others, either monetarily or with their time and talent, they see first hand how others receiving their gifts are better for it. In turn, those people give to others and so on. The energy must flow continuously. If you refuse to accept it, it will simply by-pass you completely. This goes for accepting money for services rendered. Many of my fellow healers and psychics have been caught up in the idea that they should not charge for what they do. By doing that, they are, unconsciously, stopping the flow. There has to be an energy exchange. Before the advent of money, people bartered for what they needed. So what’s different now? Nothing. On an energy level, it’s exactly the same, we’re just using a different object to barter with. This level of energy bring us to…

Taking Care Of Yourself and Others.

By taking care of your family, your pets, others in your life and yourself, you put out the energy of helpfulness, confidence and trust. Believe me, this energy gets returned to you many-fold. What’s the best way to take care of yourself and those around you? With Love. Love yourself. Love your family and friends. Love who you are and who they are. Love is by far the most powerful feeling/emotion/expression/energy there is. When you express Love, negativity and fear cannot stand against it. When you are using the energy of Love, you are taking care of yourself and everyone else with the highest vibration possible. From that energy, all things are possible. Along with this energy/emotion, include physical activity to maintain your body in good form.

To really have fun with this, feel the Love energy flow through you as you perform whatever activity you’ve chosen. Imagine feeling Love and gratitude while mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, playing a game of basketball or any other sport. Feel the Joy of the activity and how your body responds positively when you feel positive and joyful. Chores will never be dull and boring again! You will find renewed physical energy when you are coming from Love. Everyday projects become fun and inspiring. Your creativity will increase dramatically, because you are not coming from drudgery, resistance and fear. An added benefit I’ve seen many times over is that the “work” gets done much faster and much more efficiently. You also feel better before, during and after. This is a great way of taking care of yourself.

I hope you have found these methods helpful in creating a more spiritual, yet grounded life. Be sure to read my article on Grounding to get the technique for that down, and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have in the comment section.

Blessed Be!