Law of Attraction Methods and Techniques: Part 1

Today, I want to talk with you about several key psychological, metaphysical, and energetic methods that you can use to help you to achieve whatever you want in this life. To my direct knowledge, none of these techniques are new, but you may just hear them expressed in a different way, and that may be the catalyst you have been looking for to start implementing them to improve yourself. I am going to write this in multiple parts, with this being part 1.

1. Write It Down, Get It Done

This first method is one that took me awhile to really apply in my daily life. I am always in “creative mode” in one form or another, and many is the idea that I let go because I wasn’t some place where I could easily write the idea down. Once I got to where I could write it down, the idea usually wasn’t as solid or I couldn’t remember parts of it. Very frustrating. Now, I try to keep a little notebook with me so that I can capture these ideas. The next thing is to get a waterproof voice recorder that I can take into the shower with me!

Ok, so aside from writing down ideas, what would you write down to help you to attain or achieve something? First on the list, I recommend you put down on paper exactly what you want to achieve. If it’s an item, describe it completely. Leave nothing out about how you want it to look, to feel, etc. If it’s a situation, then write how you want the situation to come about, and how you want it to flow, and how the resolution of the situation looks. Basically stated, create the beginning, middle and end of the situation. Remember, specific is terrific so be as specific as possible. Details are required to make it real in your thought pattern and energy. The more real it seems, the faster you’ll manifest it.

“The Point of Power Is In The Present Moment.” – Louise Hay

Always use the present tense when writing down your desires. If you use future tense in your words, you are pushing the thing you want out in front of you. Of course, there is an exception to this. The only words that I have seen work for some people that may be considered as “future tense” is saying something to the affect of “I’m in the process of…” It is sometimes easier to view your desire as taking shape, instead of being already formed, and if it feels better to you to say it that way, then do so. My only thing with this is that, to my mind anyway, you are going to have to wait on the desire, whereas using a strict present tense, you’ll manifest it quicker. But, that’s just me. As they say in the car industry, ‘your mileage may vary’, so use what works for you and be open to trying it different ways.

The next thing to write down is your goals. What do you want to do? When do you want to do it? How long do you want it to take to get there, and how long do you want to continue to do it? Again, make with the details, and be as specific as you can. If you don’t know about a certain aspect of your goal, don’t guess; find out about it. Do whatever research you need so that you have the best possible idea and vision of what your goal will look like. You can also write down as many goals as you want. Yes, you will be focusing on one or two at a time, but it’s better to have a few down on paper that you can look at and plan for. You always have the ability to modify these goals at any time.

One other thing about goals I want to mention. Some people will tell you to be realistic about them, especially with the short term ones. On the surface, that seems like sound advice, but I’ve seen many, many miracles in my life. I’ve seen people create situations that others thought were impossible, so I will not limit you in that way. The only thing that I’ll say in this regard is to be true to yourself. This brings me to the next method…

2. Anything Is Possible

After you have written down what you want, the most vital thing you can do to bring it about is to believe it. I mean this in all the ways that you can think of, to believe in it. The first thing is to believe it’s possible. Yes, it’s possible for you to attract, or manifest whatever is on your list. If you don’t believe it’s possible to have what you want, then it will never materialize for you. Ever. I don’t care how much you work, or how much money you save, if you can’t believe it, it won’t happen. Guaranteed. Something will always keep it from you.

Notice how some things come extremely easily to people, yet other things take them forever to achieve, if at all. That is strictly due to their limiting beliefs. Nothing says, “that can’t happen” or “that will never happen” or “that’s impossible” except ourselves. I cannot stress strongly enough how important this aspect of manifesting is. Without your inner belief that it is possible to create what you want, it will not happen. Believe, and you are one step closer to attaining everything. This goes right along with method 3:

3. Permission and Allowing.

You have to allow yourself to have it. You have to give yourself permission to have it. If you don’t allow yourself to have what you want, then no matter how much you believe it’s possible to have it, you are not going to give it to yourself. This is one of those ego trips we run on ourselves, because of feelings of unworthiness, and not being good enough. If you are dealing with this type of insecurity, it will block you from attaining anything that has any real emotional and spiritual value to you. You can tell if you have these feelings of unworthiness by what you do attract to yourself.

As an example, let’s say you want a new car, and you’ve been eyeing a new Mercedes that would be perfect for you. So, do you bring the Mercedes to you, or do you end up with a Chevy? If you got the Chevy, then I say hey, great job! You’ve manifested a new car, but it’s not the one you wanted. This type of situation is one way you can use to gauge where you are at with your allowing and permission. Look back over your life and simply notice when you allowed yourself to have exactly what you wanted and when you didn’t. There’s no fault or blame here, it’s just the way it was. Now you have tools to change it in your favor.

The other method I highly recommend you use to check out where you are at is the Prosperity Tool I showed you before. This will instantly tell you whether or not you are in a place energetically and emotionally to allow yourself to have your desire. By following that technique, you are telling the Universe, and more importantly, yourself, that you are ready to have it, you’re willing to have it and you’re allowing yourself to have it.

That’s it for today. In my next post, I’ll give you a few more methods to help you attract into your life whatever you desire.

Till then,

Bright Blessings!

Ross – “Tolemac”

The Money Flow Stream

I’ve got another Prosperity Tool for you that goes right along with the Prosperity Gauge I posted on Feb. 5th.

Back in ’89, I had the priviledge of going through Stuart Wilde’s “Warriors Wisdom” 5 day Intensive training seminars, and then a year later working as staff for him at four more “WW”s. One of the training days was dedicated to Finance on all sorts of different levels. One of the things that Stuart mentioned on one of these finance days, was that we are surrounded by the energy of money flowing all around us, but we’re not aware of it or thinking about it. He said, “Think of all the billions of dollars that are flowing through the ethers this very second in the form of electronic transfers from bank to bank.”

We were stunned! He was right. Not one of the participants and staff had thought about it in those terms. It was definitely an eye opener. Think about this on a practical level, and you can really see how this can have a major impact on your personal prosperity and how you think about abundance. If I tell you to look at the abundance of the Universe, the multitude of stars, the leaves on a tree, the sand on any beach, you can easily see these things and recognize the inherent abundance around us all, but does it reach you on a practical level? Psychologically speaking, how much sand or leaves or stars do you need in your daily life? Yes, you “get it” but what have you got?

What Have You Got?

I started looking at this a few years ago while in meditation, and asking that very question. “What have I got?” When I think about the vast abundance of the Universe, I have the concept down pat! Now I need it to become practical. So, I went back over my various trainings and teachings and came back to a process Stuart had taught where you use your etheric energy and your visualization to bring you what you want. Here now is the technique I came up with that will help you bring that money energy into practical terms that you can literally “grasp” with both hands, if you like.

To begin, get yourself seated in a comfortable position with your arms resting on your thighs, with your palms face up. Follow my grounding techniques so you are grounded and in the center of your head, with your aura nice and close around you. Now, with your eyes closed, begin to sense the Money Flow Stream that is all around you. See if it has a color, or a shape, or a sound. It doesn’t have to have any of those things, but for some people, it helps them visualize. Is it an energy blob, or a mist? Maybe a ray of light. For me, I see it as a sort of two lane highway just above me and slightly to my left. I see the money energy flowing back and forth, probably because that’s what it’s doing in reality, as it goes from bank to bank all over the world.

One thing that will help you to see it clearly is to think of a one hundred dollar bill. The one with Ben Franklin on it. Here, here’s a picture of one:

One Hundred Dollar Bill

Now see hundreds and thousands and millions of these one hundred dollar bills moving through the Money Flow Stream. I want you to see only hundred dollar bills, as that is the highest currency available in bill form (in the US, anyway. Please use the highest currency bill for your country) and I feel there’s no need to “look at” anything smaller. However they appear to be in the stream doesn’t really matter. They can be swirling around, they can be moving along the stream like I see them, flowing in two “lanes”, whatever works for you. Once you’ve got a clear vision of them, now we can move onto the fun part.

Etheric Maneuvers In The Dark

What I’m going to show you now is something that Stuart calls an “etheric exercise”. The etheric is the strong force energy that is very close to our bodies, at around an inch or less, around all parts of our physical selves. Now that you have a good visualization of the Money Flow Stream, imagine your “receiving hand”. This is your non-dominant hand, so if you’re right handed, this will be your left hand. The non-dominant side of you is the receptive, or in-flowing side, while the dominant side is the giving, or out-flowing side. See the etheric energy of this hand in your minds eye start to rise from off your leg. See that energy stretch up and into the Flow Stream. Once your “hand” has merged into the Flow Stream energy, make a slight cup with this “hand”, and begin to see the one hundred dollar bills hitting your cupped “hand” and flowing down your etheric arm, and into your body. Hold this position until you have “received” the amount of hundred dollar bills you want. If, for instance, you want to receive $5,000, then visualize 50 hundred dollar bills going down your etheric arm.

Once the amount you want has flowed into you, bring your etheric arm back down and into your physical arm. Take a couple of deep breaths and open your eyes. Say a prayer of gratitude for what you’ve just received, then stand up and stretch. One quick note about breathing here. When doing any of these techniques, I recommend breathing into your belly through your nose, nice and easy and out through your mouth, just as easy. Using this technique after you’ve done your Prosperity Gauge, and the Energy Perception method I wrote about, will really multiply your level of abundance and prosperity.

Please let me know how this works for you and if you have any questions about the technique.

Blessings of Wealth and Good Fortune to you!

Ross – “Tolemac”